I feel like putting these two totally different shows into onto one page because, I really don't know!

South ParkEdit

South Park is the greatest show ever (in my opinion). It's funny, interesting, and it has actually taught me more about the world than school ever did/does! I'm serious, it has! South Park has 16 seasons (so far) and the new season starts spring 2013 (I think in March). Which means NO, the world is not going to end on 12/21/12 (it didn't)! Anyways, Kit Kat (my BFF/Super Best Friend) thinks I'm crazy for being so obsessed with it but she secretly likes it, I know it! I have like 2 seasons saved on my DVR and I currently only have South Park tapes.

South Park

Oh, now I have the complete season 15 on DVD.

Lucky StarEdit

Lucky Star is the greatest anime ever (once again, in my opinion). It's funny, cute, and it has taught me that your friends could secretly read yaoi and you don't even suspect it! lol. Lucky Star NEEDS a season 2 and another OVA! I have 2 Lucky Star box set DVD's, but they only have four episodes each. They include Konata's swimsuit (as a t-shirt) and the winter sailor fuku (also as a t-shirt) and a few other things cam with it too, and I have the second Lucky Star manga.

Lucky Star

Why I Love South Park and Lucky StarEdit

I love South Park and Lucky Star! Why? Well, once upon a time (like a year ago) I used to like the show Family Guy, but then I felt like it had gotten very boring (in my opinion). Then I asked my dad if there are any shows like Family Guy and he reccomended South Park. I then watch a few episodes and feel in love with it! Lucky Star, on the other hand, here's the story. Once upon a time (a few months ago) I really liked Clannad (still do) and then I wondered "Is there a show like Clannad, but it's less sad?" and found Lucky Star (okay, it's not really like Clannad). I watched a few episodes and loved it! Then I read the manga and loved that too!

How Lucky Star and South Park are Alike (Sorta)Edit

Sometimes, I feel like South Park and Lucky Star are alike in some ways. Actually, I feel like the main characters are alike more than the two plots are alike. :)

Konata-Cartman: I feel this way because like Cartman, Konata is obsessed with one particular show (Cartman's is Terrance and Phillip and Konata's is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). Konata's relationship with Kagami (who is like Kyle, but more on that later) is like Cartman's relationship with Kyle. Like, Kagami and Konata tease each other a lot and, well, they don't exactly not get along, but they have some differences.

Kagami-Kyle: I feel this way because, well, Kagami is a tsundere, and I always found Kyle with that sorta tsundere personality. Also, like I said before, Kagami's relationship with Konata's is similar to Cartman's and Kyle's. And you do know how Stan and Kyle are best friends, right? Well, since I find Stan like Tsukasa (more on that later), and Kagami (Kyle) and Tsukasa (Stan) are twin sisters (and they do get along pretty well).

Tsukasa-Stan: I feel this was because Stan is an animal lover, and though it's not strongly-implied, I always felt like Tsukasa was an animal lover too (even though her little incident with the deer might make her not be one). I always felt like Stan was the most sensitive in the group and I feel like Tsukasa is too.

Miyuki-Kenny: Not much to say here, but since I feel like Miyuki is a cool character, and so is Kenny. Also, since the other 3 girls fit the other 3 boys pretty well, it'd only make since.

Minami-Craig: Since I always felt like Craig was a bad*ss, I feel like Minami is too. And there's just something about Minami and Craig that's similar, but I just can't put my finger on it.

Yutaka-Tweek: Well, since Minami is like Craig, and since I always felt like Tweek looks up to Craig (Minami) as like a big brother, and Yutaka looks up to Minami (Craig) like a big sister.

South Park + Lucky Star = This